Emails, the Internet & Cell Phones

Emails, Surfing the Internet, Cell Phones and Texting….
Some obvious but important advice:

Simply put, don’t do ANY personal work at your job…..

Any emails you send at work should  be work emails.  Do not use your work account for anything personal, and don’t give your work email address out to anyone outside of the office.

Regarding your AOL, gmail or other personal email accounts, don’t use them at work, ever.

Assume that  your employer monitors all emails; many companies do.

Employees in today’s world often use the internet as part of their job.  You may be tempted to surf the internet for your holiday shopping and for other personal things – don’t do it.  Becoming known as the employee who is always shopping the internet is a sure way to be let go or to be the first one down-sized.

Unless cell phones are used at your office for business, turn your ringer off during work hours and put your phone away.  Texts should ONLY be answered on your lunch hour, outside of the office.  Even if you are an otherwise great employee, companies will look negatively at any employee who uses work time to text or to answer a cell phone call.