It can be difficult for hiring managers today to locate and hire excellent talent.  Consider a Placement Firm to assist you.  A good staffing consultant should listen to your company’s needs and question you not only on what the responsibilities of the job are, but also on what type of person/personality/image is the right fit for your office.

Whether you look on your own or use a Placement Firm to assist you, here are some important tips that can help your company secure the candidate of your choice:

Be enthusiastic as you interview.  Remember, the candidate is also interviewing you.  Make sure each interviewer in your hiring process is prepared to conduct an interview.  Many times a company will ask a current employee, one who has little or no experience in hiring, to assist in the interview process.  If that employee is not given some direction, an otherwise interested job applicant can get turned off.

Be prepared to sell your company.  Each job applicant should know specifically what your company has to offer.  Some examples to bring up:  Excellent medical benefits, benefits that allow the employee to cover family members with little or no contribution, tuition reimbursement, bonuses, 6 month salary reviews, dress down policy, flex time, summer hours, company cafeteria, fitness center on site.

If your company promotes from within, use this also as a selling tool.  Most job candidates are extremely interested in finding out about advancement potential, but may neglect to ask about growth potential for fear of coming across as too pushy.

If your firm is doing well or at least holding its own financially, say so as you interview.  The number one concern of job applicants today is job security.

Talk about the environment in your office.  If your company typically has low turnover and a friendly, team atmosphere, candidates will be more enthusiastic about coming on board.

For candidates who do very well on the interview, tell them they have done well, that there is an interest and that you plan to make a decision soon.  Then, do just that.  Avoid losing your first choice candidate by waiting too long to reach a decision.

There are a lot of people out of work;  the best candidates, though, often have their choice of job offers.  You want to be the company of choice.  Remember, when 2 companies are vying for the same candidate, more often it’s the firm that sells itself better, not necessarily the better firm, that gets the hire!