Never Accept A Counteroffer

Reprinted from a 2011 Recruiting and Job Search Web Site

Betrayal is one of the deepest ways we humans can hurt each other. It has a devastating effect on personal and work relationships. Regardless of intent, the employee who looks for another job is considered a betrayer.

Betrayal breeds mistrust. Should the employee accept the counter-offer and stay with his current employer, he will be suspect any time he takes a day off. No matter how legitimate the reason or illness, the employer will assume that the employee is out looking for another job.

Because the employee has “shown his cards”, he is likely to be passed over for promotions and more likely to be first on the chopping block when layoffs occur. Statistics show that most employees that accept a counter-offer end up leaving the company within three years, either through being laid off, or because the other aspects of the job made life at work unbearable, even with the extra money.