President’s Bio

Amy Allen Regan is an Honors Graduate of The George Washington University in Washington, DC with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Psychology.  She began her career in the Permanent Staffing Industry in the mid 1980’s during the end of a recession.  Working for Century Staffing Consultants in Fairfield, NJ for 6 years, Amy was recognized as the firm’s  top producer.  In 1990, she started  her own firm.  Allen Associates has become a well known, local staffing firm, built from the ground up, through networking and ground roots marketing.  Based on her reputation for  providing the right person for the right job, and for her mentoring relationships with job candidates, the firm has stayed strong through the ever changing job market and several recessions.   Allen Associates has been in business successfully for over 20 years!

Amy has been a speaker on the topic of Interviewing, for audiences of job seekers and for local business schools throughout the years.  She has spoken at companies as an Outplacement Consultant, has been a guest on local radio stations as an Employment Specialist, and is a resource for her clients on hiring, salary structure and on the specifics of the current job market.